Independent Delhi Escort

Let us start from the beginning where no one knows who was this girl or we can say the young charming and untouched girl. I was not actually the one with name of Tulika but was known with the name given to me by my parents only. Then is the day when I was in a situation where I got to know about Delhi escorts and the services they offer. Even I knew a little about Delhi escorts service but still Made a mark to start with it.

The Spring of most Elite Delhi Escort Girl

The Initial Interview was Thrilling

Virtually I was introduced with an escort agency in Delhi named Delhi Dolls which was then the best escort agency in Delhi out of a few top of the cream escort service providers in India. After a few very offbeat questions and intriguing interviews over phone, I was asked to come down for a personal meeting. Bit nervous but confident enough I came down to Delhi after a few hours of journey and met the person-in-charge at CP. I can not forget the coffee-shop meeting where I just had five minutes with the person and then moved to the car he arrived in.

The Meeting with the Boss – Not an Escort Girl

It was such a nervous situation when I entered his car and was not told about the next situation. A thousand thoughts were running in my mind from some cool situations to some terrifying thoughts. All I heard about the people operating escorts business in Delhi or anywhere was bad. I heard like they are the bad looks, Black, ugly, over-weight, no etiquettes, bad language, and bla-bla-bla. But the person here whom I met was one of the most impressive people I ever met in my life by this time, educated, well-mannered, quite polite in talking and know how to describe the most embarrassing situation in the best words out of the dictionary. Basically they are looking for someone who fits in as a model escort in Delhi but they are also willing to create one of the top Delhi model escorts from scratch.

Every journey starts at Zero but the path and the guide make us reach our goals with perfection.

My Journey to the first Meeting with the Client as a Delhi Escort

Leela HOtel Escorts Delhi

It was just the beginning of the life of an escort girl in Delhi when I was first given the assignment to go for the very first meeting with a client staying at the Leela hotel in Chanakyapuri. The person was someone from southern part of India, this is the most I knew about the person I was going to meet. It was such a situation where I was nor able to step forward and neither pull out myself out of it just because of my personal commitments. Then I was being taken to the hotel and my boss took the seat beside me and guided me the whole way about how that hotel is and what type of people stay there and how should I behave when I enter the hotel lobby. Moreover, he helped me to cool down and bring my heartbeats to nearly normal with his friendly way of telling every aspect clearly and so accurately.

Perfect Description and a Perfect Meeting

When I entered the hotel Lobby I was wondering how accurate he is about the hotel and described it so perfectly as if he is the architect of that marvelous building. With everything, my luck also helped me in a manner when no hotel personnel asked me a question and reached the right spot where the client was meeting for me. He welcomed me warmly like we were friends for a long time. An what if I tell you that I am getting some icing on the cake and what is that? I am a Delhi escort and went to the hotel for whatever an escort girl does, but in the very first meeting, the client told me to chat with him for almost 3 hrs and apart from holding hands nothing more happened. I loved that guy who made my first meeting so cozy which helped me to gain a lot of confidence and changed the perception about the clients hiring escorts in Delhi.

Girl From The Deep Down Meets The Refined Man For First Time

Being Delhi escorts is not an easy task, and I realized that after my first meeting where I learned so many things an escort girl should have in her to meet the criteria of an elite and high-class escort in Delhi. Not just that from the appearance to the shake hand or greeting and then how you sit or how you talk. Every face expression matters when looking for employment as an escort in Delhi. Before this, I was not aware that so tough screening is there for the girls who want to become escorts in Delhi. I was in a phantasm that being beautiful is more than enough to become a high profile Delhi escort but when I have been asked so many personal and surprising questions then only I went face to face with the reality of escort service industry in Delhi.

Top 6 Vip Escorts in Delhi

1) Tulika Jain One Of the most Vip Escorts in Delhi Girl for VVIP and Business Client

2) Ritu Rana The majority of the Delhi Vip escorts girls are convent educated and they’re well aware regarding the outside world and elite and high society lifestyle.

3) Ritti Desai As our primary motive to make our girls along with our clients contented and adjust in their social Delhi Vip Escorts parties and functions as well

4) Mohini Dutt Picking the finest and top-rated escorts girls isn’t an arduous task nowadays, but choosing dependable and trustworthy female Vip Delhi escorts need every small detail.

5) Kanika Garg :: Sometime you are all tied up in work and stress and then need a little pamper from a person who is like your very own girlfriend. In such cases, Independent escorts in Delhi like Kanika are the best option to get involved with.

6) Ishani Jain :: The similar of the show comes up in multicolor life when two girls of the same talent meet at a single part. Ishani Jain is my close friend and is providing escort service in Gurgaon to people who are of high society and genuine VIPs.